databases and spreadsheets

A picture is worth a thousand numbers

Databases and spreadsheets allow and encourage the storage of large amounts of data. For many of us, it rapidly becomes difficult to see the wood for the trees - turning data into useful information is not a trival task.

At BroadReach, we connect the data to the business model, presenting what matters in an actionable manner. Information leads to insight - to appropriate action and to better performance.

Clear charts, intelligent text


The insight to manage your business

We can provide:

  • Business analysis to understand what information is needed to drive the organisation
  • Identification of KPIs (key performance indicators) that represent business performance
  • Report design to create relevant, actionable business reports
  • Automation tools to streamline the effecient production of reports, so you can focus on analysing the information rather than merely producing the data
  • Representation of data on digital maps and terrain, via our GIS (Geographic Information System) partners




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BroadReach helps Juggernaut climb to the top

Juggernaut Climbing Walls is a leading light in the design and construction of Climbing Walls. BroadReach worked with Juggernaut to refine information and marketing processes, including restructuring and rewriting their website.